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At Templestowe College we want students to enjoy and be challenged by their education and we seek to be a school at the cutting edge of innovative education in Australia.

We are working with students, parents, teachers and the wider community to build a learning environment where students are encouraged and supported to develop a wide range of passions and interests and to explore these areas with confidence as self-directed learners.

We believe this is more likely to happen when students feel a strong sense of ownership and control over their own learning, feel like they can have a genuine say in the running of their school and see staff as their supporters, rather than directors, judges or jailers!

A new vision for Templestowe College – Students driving their own learning!

The vision which has driven us for the past three years is to be "A dynamic and caring learning community recognised for future-focused personalised learning.”

Even though our current vision still has just under one year left to run, it is important that we clearly outline our future vision now, so that prospective parents considering TC for their child in 2014 and beyond are clear about the future directions of the College.

The Templestowe College Vision for 2014-17 is "to be a supportive community, empowering students to manage their individualised learning and turn ideas into reality.”

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